The Weird Sisters were a very popular band in the wizarding world, and on the Wizarding Wireless Network. Despite their name, all eight members are male.

Performing and singularityEdit

The Weird Sisters are a popular band among young witches and wizards.


Among the Weird Sister's songs was "Do the Hippogriff", "Magic Works" and "This is the Night" which they played at the Yule Ball.


Among the band's instruments were a set of drums, several guitars, a lute, a cello, and some bagpipes.

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Myron Wagtail, being the oldest of the band, began forming the Weird Sisters whilst at Hogwarts. Since none of his friends in his grade were interested, he found Kirley Duke when they were in fourth and third year, respectively. The two of them composed a small song with just guitar and vocals, and used it to find more members. Donoghan Tremlett joined then. The next year, Heathcote Barbary and Herman Wintrigham joined, as well as Gideon Crumb (although Myron was very reluctant to let a first year join, his bagpiping skills added what they needed). The summer after that, Kirley invited his two cousins (who didn't go to Hogwarts) into the band.

Rise to fameEdit

The band rose to fame within the span of half a year in 1993. Gideon Crumb left Hogwarts after his sixth year, so the band was free from school in 1992. Their youngest members, Merton Graves and Orsino Truston, were only fifteen and sixteen respectively when this happened.


The Weird Sisters disbanded in 2000, after releasing several successful albums. They remained close friends, and continued to do the performance here and there. Their music became much more tame by the end of their career.

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