The Family Name

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Calesca Days




Calesca Day's life and struggle against the pure-blood bigots in her family

The Family Name was written by Calesca Days when she was living in Scotland, and published in 2001. It is based heavily on Calesca's life, and led Kasia to find her only remaining family .


Kasia Days came across this book at the very end of her second year. She read it quickly, and, after finding out from her sister that she'd been receiving letters from her father, Marvell Days, since she was a baby, found out the publication address in Scotland and, with Oliver Wood, her adopted father, went to visit her family.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The novel is the in-universe counterpart to the companion piece of fiction to Kasia Days: It's Full Moon Again
  • Some of The Family Name's other possible names included The Selwyn Family, Calesca Days and Sister to a Death Eater