Orpheus Valentino Arion Renzo Manta (b. 1885) is an inventor, and a skilled magical builder. He was born to Medea Manta and Valentino Eros Manta, and he has two siblings, both older: Calliope Iris Romina Manta and Persues Vivaldo Eros Fabio Manta. He is a desendant of Antioch Peverell, the creater of the Elder Wand.

After graduating Hogwarts, where he was both prefect and Head Boy, he worked for the Ministry of Magic for decades in the Department of Mysteries. He quit in 1954, when he was 71 years old, not wanting to spend his entire life attempting to decifer the forces of the world.

He then visited Ancient Greece and studied the magical buildings. He became accomplished at creating magical locations, helping the Ministry of Magic every so often.

He built the Abscondita Headquarters after Danielle Hillard sought him out, learning about his skills from Albus Dumbledore.

Physical appearanceEdit

Orpheus has sharp and defined features, and white blonde hair, with electric blue eyes. He would be described as strange-looking, but would have been attractive in his youth. He has a burn on the left side of his face from his mother and father's fights when he was little.

Personality and traitsEdit

Orpheus is a cyncial old man, who is blunt and sometimes distracted.


  • Enchanted pocketwatch: Passed down from the Peverells. Can stop time temporarily and travel back a few minutes. Influenced, or the influence, for Time-Turners
  • Lightning glass: A globe that has a miniate storm going on at all times, family heirloom of the Peverells.
  • Organised penseive: A Penseive with several different sections for categorising thoughts and memories.


  • Gravity pressuriser: Can be used to effect gravity
  • Truth glass: Recognises truth and lies
  • Dream catcher: A dream catcher that collects prominant dreams. Can be collected and put in a Pensieve
  • Night veil: A veil that hangs on a wall. All the stars and planets can be seen by scrolling through this.
  • Thread of thought: A thick string that branches out and displays vague images of one's thoughts.

Magical abilites and skillsEdit

  • Magical manufacturer: Orpheus is able to create many magical wonders, an ability that was possibly passed down from Antioch Peverell. He heightened this skill in his work at the Department of Mysteries


Orpheus is a name from Greek mythology. Orpheus (OAR-fee-UHS) was a legendary poet, musician and prophet.

Orpheus' middle names (Valentino Arion Renzo) are presumably inherited names.