These letters were written by Marvell Days to his two daughters, Kasia Days and Anelia Days, annually for their birthdays, but were intercepted by Ramona Days.


Kasia's eleventh birthdayEdit

Dear Kasia,

It's hard to believe that you'll be going to Hogwarts this year. It is a huge regret of mine that I couldn't get to see you grow up. You never reply to my letters, and, after what I did, I deserve that. It is entirely my fault for not telling your mother about magic sooner. I only hope you still continue to read my letters, for it is that small hope that keeps me writing them. I'm sure your first year at Hogwarts will be magical, and, again, I ask you to forgive me. You don't know how painful it is to know that you're growing up in England, and I can't see you. Even if you don't forgive me, I beg you to at least reply with a "I'm still here" or something. I'm beginning to lose hope that you even exist anymore.

Love, Dad.

Kasia's fourteenth birthdayEdit

Dear Kasia,

From the moment I saw you when you were born, with our violet eyes and your mum's hair, I knew you were going to be a cross between your mother and my mother. I'm sure you've grown into a beautiful young lady, and I only wish I was there to see you. My father tells me I should stop writing these letters, seeing as you never reply and it only causes me pain, but in another way, it keeps me sane. Writing these letters every year keeps me from forgetting my biggest mistake (not you and your sister, of course, I mean telling your mother I was a wizard). That may seem masochistic, but when I picture you it makes me as happy as I get here, although mum says I seem content when I'm studying the magical animals. I've said before what I do here, but if you're ever interested...please feel free to reply. I'd love to show you the research I found. You loved hearing about magical creatures when you were three.

Love, Dad.


Up until Kasia's fourteenth birthday letter, all the previous letters had been taken by Ramona Days, to prevent Kasia and her sister from finding out that their father was not dead.

When Anelia stayed at the Wood's house in the summer of 2016, she showed Kasia the letters, and Kasia yelled at Ramona before travelling with Oliver Wood to Scotland, where she knew her father was because of a combination of his letters and what she read in The Family Name, which was written by her grandmother.