Hillard is the surname of a wizarding family. They are made up of Muggleborns and half-bloods. The Hillard family is primarily Ravenclaw, but some are Hufflepuffs.

Known membersEdit

  • Noel Hillard - Husband of Mary, brother of Anna and father of Danielle. He joined the Abscondita when his daughter told him about it.
  • Mary Hillard - Wife of Noel, mother of Danielle. She joined the Abscondita when her daughter told her about it, along with her husband.
  • Anna Ward (nee Hillard) - Sister of Noel, wife of David, mother of Vivian and Sarah. Member of the Abscondita.
  • David Ward - Wife of Anna, father of Vivian and Sarah. Member of the Abscondita.
  • Danielle Hillard - Daughter of Noel and Mary, cousin to Sarah. Founder of the Abscondita, and invited her family into it.
  • Vivian Ward - Daughter of Anna and David, older sister of Sarah.
  • Sarah Ward - Daughter of Anna and David, sister of Vivian. Close friend of Pierrette and Alexa Days, and invited them into the Abscondita, along with their brother, Orion Days. Eventually anonymously invited Calesca Days, after Pierrette and Alexa told her of their brother's plight with Calesca.

Family treeEdit

                               |             |
             Mary Hillard - Noel Hillard   Anna Ward - David Ward
                          |                 _________|______
                         |                |                |
                   Danielle Hillard     Vivian Ward   Sarah Ward

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