Days is the surname of a wizarding family. They are made up of Muggle-borns and half-bloods. The Days family is primarily Ravenclaw, but Marvell Days is a Gryffindor.

Known membersEdit

  • Orion Days - father of Marvell and brother of Alexa and Pierrette. He married the pure-blood Calesca Days and had one child.
  • Pierrette and Alexa Days - twins and sisters to Orion. They were murdered in 1998 at the Battle of Hogwarts by Calesca's brother, Alsius Selwyn.
  • Calesca Days - Calesca married Orion Days, against the approval of her family, and they had one child together, Marvell.
  • Marvell Orion Days - Married the Muggle, Ramona. Son of Orion and Calesca. Ramona and he had two children, Anelia and Kasia.
  • Ramona Days - Married to Marvell, had two children, Kasia and Anelia. Kicked Marvell out for not telling her about being a wizard. Muggle.
  • Kasia Alexa Days - Marvell and Ramona's oldest daugheter, Kasia believed her father to be dead until she found him herself.
  • Anelia Pierrette Days - Marvell and Ramona's youngest daughter. Believed her father to be dead until Kasia told her what she'd found out. Anelia did not express interest at finding her family.

Family treeEdit

                                     |             |               |      
                 Calesca Days - Orion Days   Pierrette Days   Alexa Days
                      Marvell Orion Days - Ramona Days
                                |                    |
                        Kasia Alexa Days   Anelia Pierrette Days

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