Early lifeEdit

Alsius was brought up in a strictly pure-blood family, who agreed with Voldemort's ideas. His sister, Calesca, like Sirius Black, defyed the pure-blood regime.

He attended Hogwarts when he was eleven, and was Sorted into Slytherin in 1960. He was influenced further by the pure-blood to-be Death Eaters in Slytherin, and befriended and joined them, much to the disdain of his sister. He was close with Bellatrix Black as well, who was two years behind him. After graduating Hogwarts, Alsius joined the Death Eaters, and helped Voldemort rise to power a few years later.

Physical descriptionEdit

Alsius is described as having petite features, though still angular, and he has the distinctive Selwyn family violet eyes.


Alsius, (pronounced AL-see-US) is a Latin word meaning "cold."

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Alsius and Calesca's names give a hint towards their rivalry with each other: Alsius means "cold' and Calesca means "warm up".